This day…that year..

Happy anniversary to me.




This day, that year..

In that wonderful evening

When the clouds were about to shower their love,

The wind gushed over me.


Each and everyone were running here and there,

I stood there

Stood there without any reason

Looking at him.


I found myself very happy in his presence,

His smile was so dangerous

That I couldn’t control it,

He had beautiful eyes

The kind you could get lost in.


And I guess

Not guess, I’m sure

I got lost in them

And for the first time

I realised that

I’m in love.


Each day I waited for his smile

A simple hello

Everything made my day

I always wished I could sit beside him

Share everything about me

Wished to hold his hand, one day

And walk along the streets.


Don’t know how everything happened

Don’t know when

But it simply happened;

Yet the best and worst part of it is

He didn’t love me back

He didn’t have that feeling for me

And I didn’t share my feeling.


Thus I find myself

Celebrating one year of an unrequited love story

Very happy that I’ve felt,


The most beautiful emotion in the world


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