A weekend of My Dear Zindagi

    “Hey, any plans for this weekend? or just the usual? Facebook,Whatspp blah blah..?”

      I know the question was rapid or out of the blue 😁 But trust me the reply too was rapid from my funkies.

    “Dear Zindagi!!!”, they began to shout.

    “Let’s go for it this weekend”,they chimed in. Remember girls room sucks at times. 😐😅

    “Oh no,no movies atleast this time, please yaar” I begged in vain.

     Its not that I’m indifferent to movies but didn’t had the mood for one! You know for me moods  really matter😅.As the majority stood for the movie , sadly I too had to get along with my gang of movie buffs and head to watch that movie.

     We settled down fast as there wasn’t much rush at that point of time. Soon many youngsters turned up .Without much interest I looked on as the film began. And there came Alia Batt on screen.


      “Woah yaar she is so beautiful na!”

      Comments came from the corners.Ya of course she was beautiful in those casual looks.But, after a while it wasn’t really her looks that seemed to matter. Her thoughts, no , Kaira’s thoughts only seemed to matter which was easily identifiable with mine or may be with all those young ladies who shares my age.

       And what is that most ladies of age in and around 20s face…guess what, most of it will be relating to relationships or tensed over not finding our so called Prince charming, yep being single issues. And all these often results in us feeling insecure.


     We try to build up our dreams mostly depending on the one whom we think would make us feel special. But ask yourself about how long it will take for you to name yourself among those things you love the most ??? Seriously do give it a try.

      No one can ever make us feel special unless we feel special about ourselves, the way we are. Often we don’t realise this and simply waste those precious moments waiting for others to make us feel good and proud about ourselves.Through out the movie this very thought has been beautifully portrayed.


     One of the factors of not being able to develop a special feeling for yourself is shyness I would say. This is because most of us carry inferior feelings about us, within us, that make us shy. I myself is a shy person who gives thousand thoughts over what others think before speaking out for myself..and its obvious that many such people like me exist. But how could we predict on the thoughts of others when we ignore ourselves Pretty strange right!. Ah…yes, the film very well portrays such subjects. Its not that I’m no more a shy person but I’m evolving ,so will you once you listen to your heart.

   Don’t you feel that we always did what we feel like doing in those good old childhood days. Never were we bound by the useless notions of what people thought and felt, it seemed to be okay the way we are…remember nothing has changed its still okay to do and say what you feel.

Say hi to those your heart loves and bye to everything else.

    The lights turned back on after two hours, but it didnt seem that it had been so long. As I ran my eyes over the faces of those dear fellows of mine who staunchly stood for this movie…I found a smile, a strange twinkle, common, in their eyes.

    This weekend was not about watching a movie or just finding out that I can relate it to my life. Moreover it was a realisation that being real is all you need to make yourself feel special. It is done as simple as it is said by Mr.Khan, you need to just love your dear zindagi.

Love your zindagi! ❤

P.S – Mr.khan as usual rocked the silver screen:mrgreen:.



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