Like Never Before


Marriage was a thought that was not so pleasant for her unlike how it was for  others. For her it was something to which a lot of fears were attached. Firstly there was the fear of leaving her people and  the home that she so loved. Then there was the fear of getting accepted in the new place, getting accepted by his family and by him whom she knew only for a few days. Will he accept her with all her insecurities was her greatest fear.

Time passed and her marriage came into being. It all happened so hastily and she was at that moment that she had been dreading all her life, her first night. She got inside with the traditional glass of milk in her hand and he was sitting there turned to the other side. She placed the glass on the table, her nervousness spilling part of it on the tray. He looked up awaken by the noise. Unsure and afraid of doing anything wrong, she stood there itself. Her whole body was shaking. He approached her calmly and took her hand and enclosed it in his. Her heart beats rose and she  began to sweat. Seeing her perplexed face he broke into a smile and  then started laughing without a halt. She was a bit surprised and stood there staring at him. Finally on loosing her patience she asked “What’s it…why are you laughing this much?”

He somehow controlled his laughter and managed to say” You look so horrified like you have seen a monster.. I couldn’t help laughing on seeing that.. sorry if it hurt you”.

These words brought smile onto her face.

“I’m a little terrified actually”.

“Ya I know”, he said laughing . “I also know that it isn’t little, don’t be so..I’m your husband, not a monster. We have to get to know each other and for that you must accept me as a friend first”.

He stopped and looked at her with his puppy brown eyes.

For a while they stood riveted..then on regaining consciousness, she nodded and smiled.

“Let’s give a toast to our lifelong friendship then”he said did something quite unexpected. He emptied half a glass on to her head .

“Well friends are like this na” he said and started running. She stood there for some time unable to register what had just happened. He stopped running, and approached her, with a concerned face. Just then she got hold of the glass and splashed what was remaining on him laughing loudly. Then water replaced milk and both of them splashed, laughed and ran and within an hour they both had managed to drench the whole room with water.

They finally calmed down and sat  panting and  laughing. She felt so lightened and happy.

“Never had I expected a night like this”.
He looked at her and they laughed together, rewinding the happy moments that they had just shared.

Feeling lazy to clean all the mess up they went outside and sat watching the sea. Cold breeze blew her hair off and she closed her eyes, taking in the feel. When she opened her eyes he was near her looking at her, with a queer expression so cute that she felt like kissing him. But she turned away not sure about how he’ll take her if she did something of that sort this fast. He patted on her shoulder and asked her,

“So all your fear gone?”

“Yeh most of it”, she said turning and smiling.

“Aha”, he said and continued, “Well I must say you look really beautiful now with that calm smiling face”.

She found herself blushing at this remark and turned away to cover it. He brushed her hair behind her ear while she sat there  with her heart beating wildly. She turned to see those puppy brown eyes watching her with a lovely expression. He cupped her face and brought it closer while she moved towards him as in a trance. He planted a kiss on her forehead. She felt so shaken that tears started flowing out. He smiled and wiped them off and hugged her. She lay there embraced in his clasp, a feeling unknown to her welling up inside and making her smile like never before.



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