Love You Zindagi

When its in your hands to hate or love it, why not chose the happy path.


Dear Zindagi.

I’ve not been in touch with you for a while.

But its okay,

I just dropped in to say hi.

These lines with which the movie ends sum up what the film is about. Connecting with life and the ones in it, including yourself.

It tells the tale of Kaira, an immensely talented cinematographer who hopes to make it big in the industry and direct a feature film one day.

From this intro what is expected will be a an independent, fearless person who’s just bang on. Now Kaira is different here. She’s independent. She’s happy about her work. But she’s not free of fears. And how these fears creates havoc everywhere in her life, we get to see.

May ‘appear’ unfair. But its our problem

Kaira who suffers from inability to sleep decides to visit a therapist who is quite unconventional. This becomes a turning point in her life. One by one her problems are revealed which takes us to that one big fear that lies underneath leading to all her problems. In the end she defeats her fears and leaves the place ready to face life as it comes.

The movie touches a lot of topics, let’s start with the general attitude of our people towards a single girl. Even in the most modern city, Kaira is kicked out of her rented house just because she’s a single girl living alone.

As a result she has to move to Goa and live with her parents. As the dialogue in the movie goes she happens to be the only person that hates the prospect of going to Goa as she has to live with her parents. She’s unable to bear talking to them even for 5 minutes and is never seen being affectionate to them reminding most of our teenage friends of how we deal with our parents.

The movie satirizes on yet another attitude of the mass, their tendency to label women as slut if they move on to new relation more than one time. An interesting story is provided that compairs selction of life partner to selecting chair. When we go to buy chair we find some outwardly good looking but not good enough to sit, some comfy but not good looking, we try some and discard and finally we find that one single piece we want. Now that’s an excellent way to explain!

All that we get to hear is the harder the path we tread the better the result we get. But its also important that at that point we are ready in everyway to tread that path. If not then theres no wrong in selecting the easy path. Why not select the easy path and stay cool rather than facing the hard path unprepared and fall into troubles? asks Jahangir the therapist.

Your life. Your thoughts.

There’s no problem if we are in the hospital for we got a headache, or say flu but if its some mental case, its done. Isn’t head too a part of the body. Its time to change such notions reminds the movie . Alkas innocent reply “Shouldnt everyone  go there then?” when Kaira explains to her that therapist helps to solve emotional problems points to the attitude that the world needs to adopt asap.This issue is being discussed seriously nowadays and I’ve hopes that this wil lead to a good change.

And finally there’s something thats part of every female centric movie. The overcaring irritating relatives who gives advice around the clock. When the relatives brag about Kairas failure in second standard and tries to prove his point that parents are always right, Kiddos reply that there are all kinds of failures was bang on.



No ones perfect all have their own flaws be it parents, friends or yourself. The movie suggests you to accept this fact and to not place anyone on a high pedestal. In every relation this acceptance is important. Well have some relationships ideal for coffee outings, some for chilling out, some work, some for travel. So its unfair to expect all these in one . Its unfair to try to label one as perfect only if the partner is 100% reliable.

Now that are all the lessons I could learn from this short movie. Thus at the end Kaira is left not just free from fears but prepared to play and win Kabaddi with whatever life throws to her.





2 thoughts on “Love You Zindagi”

  1. Well choosing the happy path isn’t that easy as it seems. You need to have a tough heart to withstand the so called ‘Indian society’, which girls these days lack due to that long years of gender based conditioning.

    Gonna watch it next week😋 I thought it was her usual ‘exploring the freedom’ one, but this looks different and exciting! Good work dii 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If we have at least one soul that believes and supports you everyone can dare to chose the happy path..whatever be the reaction from the society, there’s someone to share it right, and that will make it less applicable, I feel.

      Yep watch it for sure😘

      Liked by 1 person

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