The first drops of rain united the indifferent soil grains to each other but not her with him. Yet she waited…



It took four long years for him to be back home after his dreadful days in that strange land. She was told that he will be there at home, that morning. Days and nights had turned out to be sleepless for her in his absence. But the night before she was filled with enthusiasm. Finally he was coming home. But soon sorrow took back its lost seat. His arrival had again got postponed. With a heavy heart, she resumed her unending wait. But  it failed to bear any fruit. His arrival got postponed everytime and she continued waiting trying to renew the lost hope each time. Seasons passed by. The first drops of rain united the indifferent soil grains to each other but not her with him. Yet she waited…

The wetness grew with each drop that was directed to earth. Evenings became more dark and dense.

One such evening as clouds were pouring heavy showers and washing away the earths sorrows, he arrived.

Not knowing that he has arrived, she was waiting for him in their old bedroom. Slowly and quietly he entered the house, then directed himself to the bedroom. She sensed footsteps approaching her room.  Worriedly she rose from bed just to find a shadow in front of bedroom door. Terrorstruck she bounced back to the bed. She found it hard to breathe or talk with the shadow ascending towards her. With all her energy she opened her mouth to shout for help but was soon stopped by the wet touch of his palm, as he gently placed it on her mouth. That soothing wet touch was so familiar for her. A lightening came to aid her. She blinked her eyes as the face got clearer with each flash of lightening.

A resounding thunder shook the earth as he slowly bent forward and spread his palm over her cheeks . He made her blinking eyes close with each kiss he planted on them. They didnt exchange any words but his fingers drew pictures of days without her, on her . And each of her gasp let out the pain of his absence.Clouds  continued showering on the craving body of earth , as they found shelter in each other.

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