On that Good Old Shore


That sea had often seen her standing on its shore, as it renewed itself with each wave that swept over. They familarised themselves in those thirty years of her life. For her this thing of beauty  was a resort from those long walks of her life. She enjoyed a mesmerising feeling as each of the soothing salty waves swept over her feet.

She had an untold craving to be in company of that shore. Each of her visit renewed her spirit. The salty breeze of the shore pampered her and brought a smile to her face and calmed her mind. As numberless waves washed the shore, she dropped those indifferent soil grains which were held tight in her weak palm, as if commemmorating her lost past.

She preferred visits to the old companion to be labelled as private. A packet of groundnut or a bottle of water was all that accompanied her on such visits, but they always went forgotten in the company of this buddy. Her lonely visit was her choice and she was much happy during such ‘me’ time.

In those long visits her heart unravelled the untold miseries to that majestic shore.The way they conversed would appear strange for you and me but it was their way. But everything has a begining and an end isn’t it ? So was her long visits .She sighed each time as she left that shore but deep down, she always hoped for a come back.

She did the same last time too. But her hope was superseded by reality. Her next visit remained as a mere dream. It was the cancer named crab who played the villian. His increased pace of attack on her cells weakened her to a mere living dead. She helplessly dwelled in those dark deep potholes of suffering for a tinch of relief. But her old companion came to her rescue again. Each time she closed her eyes she could sense the sound of those gushing waves nearing the shore. That short time spent with her companion gave her relief from her world of pain. Once as the pain grew , she gently closed her eyelids and found herself to be in that sea shore once again, fully drenched in that salty water. The cool relief  that  she felt flowing through her paining nerves with the stroke of each wave was undefinable. That company of her old friend never ever made her return from that shore of comfort.


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