When talkies talk🎬

A talkies experience..



Movies are a craze for us kelaralites especially for those of my place. The city is filled with moviebuffs of all kinds and I too am one of them. I am a moviebuff in a small scale( Well I have more liking towards a certain kind of movies and so…) and most of the movies I watch with my parents. Watching a movie is quite a memorable experience for me.

We usually set out for a movie after my brother who’s a large scale movie buff( as he likes and watches all kinds of films and is a regular festival attendee) gives us the green flag( good review). Then I who’s the geek in the house( in the sense who has got much better knowledge about tech compared to my elders 😜 so you can guess how much it would be) I do all the booking stuff, 3 seats with a perfect view selected by my father, and waits for the day to come.

Well the advantage of booking is that we can go to the movie relaxed, as I’m a little bad in matters of punctuality it helps :mrgreen: . Finally we reach there and in case its a multiplex spends time hunting the exact one and finally sets in. I wait for the movie to begin, then onwards, squeaking the chair frontwards and backwards to get that perfect position, looking here and there, staring at the mobile phone screens flashing in front of me, drinking saliva which arose due to the deliciously smelling junk food that the other people bring in and incase I’ve something with me to eat, waiting even more imaptiently so that I can have the food and the movie together( that feeling is bliss😇).

The movie certificate comes up finally driving the attention of all to the screen. National anthem, that never fails to cause goosebumps, play loudly showing images of India on the go. We sit back and watch the repetitive and so very much irritating ‘say no to smoking’ advertisement( not that I support smoking , just that I’ve seen it a million times that it irks me badly😅) hoping that somebody would be at least be irked into stopping smoking cause of this. Finally the ‘thanks to’ appears giving lists of known and unknown names and then starts the show😍

The title appears in the company of a thunderous beat or a sweet melody inviting us into that magical world. Sorrow, happiness, panic, thrill and what not cant this magical world make us feel. We get so immersed that we forget all that was near and inside our head( in case its a good film😁) and all we see are the characters and them alone.

After some one hour, just when the character is stuck in a crucial situation the lights flick on announcing the interval. Then begins the task of making father buy something to eat to survive the next one hour( I’m a bad junkie😅). Mostly this break time pestering sees light 🔦 and so I settle back chomping the popcorns waiting for the next session. New film trailers also come up before the film starts and seeing those trailers u can’t help the feeling to watch them too( though it is not usually successful unless bro gives green flags).

The movie continues taking us back; away to their strange world. We travel with them through the sea of emotions till they see the land. Then the lights flick on again and the film ends. Sometimes along with the credits funny situations that happened during the shooting or continuation of the film even is shown but people starts moving once the credits roll down( so impatient😑) so no hope of watching whats going on then.I leave the theatre, the music still playing inside my head and the visuals doing a slideshow before my eyes( is it a bit over😅 pls bear with me😂) .Once we reach the car everyone will give their opinions and I play them inside head comparing it with what I have. This process drives me so mad that most of the time I end up saying a moderate comment on every movie I watch😅. I so suck in opinion making😅

17 thoughts on “When talkies talk🎬”

  1. Hi Aruna..!I could relate to most of it. 🙂 And since you mentioned you are a Malayali I can confidently say you were referring to the “shwasakosham” ad 😀 And if you are from Trivandrum (I’m staying at Trivandrum) then the multiplex you have mentioned here ought to be Aries 😀 Really liked this article.Keep writing.

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      1. Wow thats great! So I guessd it right. Are you a student of literature by any chance? Coz I am. I m doing my post graduation in English. 😀 you are welcome. I ll continue to visit 🙂


              1. Oh yeah! I do knw her 🙂 she was my mother ‘s student.:) of course I din knw it was her until you told me.! 😀 This is great anywy. I m happy I met all four of you here on wordpress. 🙂 This is a brilliant effort.. I wish you all the success. Keep writing. 🙂


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