Dear Zindagi


After a long time, another movie that touched my body and soul. Felt like my feelings, emotions, problems and each things had a solution.

When Kaira was trying to make her own identity, I struggled for understanding myself. When she doesn’t want to cry in front of others, me too tried that.

When she got hurt with her unrequited love, I got lost in that. When she cried in her childhood for the wonderful memories she couldn’t treasure, I found myself in my childhood with all wonderful moments, but alone in the darkness of loneliness and finally in solitude.

Dr Khan became her support system. She found solutions for everything. I desperately want to have such a BD.

But I’m thankful to Kaira. She made me to say a wholehearted Hi to Zindagi.

Hello Zindagi.

Let’s begin our new life.



2 thoughts on “Dear Zindagi”

  1. It’s a beautiful movie. Being a psychologist myself, I know how ignorant are people when it comes to mental health. I sincerely hope that it will stimulate people in seeking help when necessary, without fear of getting stigmatized!


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