‘She’: Our comrade

One good weapon


“Excuse me the AV hall ?”
She asked as she gushed out a ton of air restlessly.Many manly eyes now seemed to have fixed their gaze on her. The swiftly speaking girl at the other end gave directions stating left, 2 turns and an extreme right.She let out a thanks as she ran to catch up on time.

As soon as she reached, the lady in charge informed her about the change of plans due to the the surprise visit by the program director.

‘Ahh… the rush all through the morning till this minute seems to be a line drawn in water !’she thought.

As she sat thus, lost in her thoughts she sensed her bladder signalling the limit. She enquired in a whisper to the lady next to her,


“Over there.”

The answer was quick accompanied with an extra gesture help .She rose from her seat and directed herself to her needy destination.’Gents’the   board stated as she entered and found those set of familiar eyes right below it. With a puzzled feeling she looked around and found a dirty board hanging really down as though it was going to hit the ground sooner proudly expliciting its existence. ‘Ladies’ the dull blue bold letters stated. She managed herself into it while she could sense those familiar manly eyes boring on to her back.

Just as she bolted, she heard the voice welcoming the guest. She rushed herself. When she got out she found it was dark all at once. As she rushed to main door of the washroom she found it to be locked from outside.She kept on knocking, though doubting if it will be heard in the midst of the blaring sounds of the speakers amplifying the guest who had just begun with his speech.

A second thought came to her mind , the switch . To check over the switch she ran her palm all over the wall but haulted as she heard a slight whisper. She turned and found nothing but darkness. All of a sudden once again she heard whispers and sensed the nearing sounds of footsteps. Before she could turn she was blinded with a cloth. Her howls were ended with another piece of cloth stuffed into her mouth. She moved her hands in disapproval and must have given a slap or two right at the face in front of her, leading to her hands also getting tied up on some rusty iron rod. All these while she was kicking the air frantically but her legs were not tied of but was parted for a while by them.

It was terror that ran through her nerves more than pain when she felt the sweaty breaths of the unknown over her.Half way through her struggle she began to feel the wetness of the floor penetrating through her naked body that lay across it.She drewback tired of fighting, lay half dead hoping for a miracle.

She was vaguely covered with a shawl when she was found. Not in her senses , she lay there, an old kingdom lost in both battle and agony. No one believed in a come back for her still she was rushed to the nearest hospital.But she, some where deep down in her still hoped for a miracle. A real miracle.

Years passed by, she too was left forgotten when new stories of molestations welled up.

Years later, she was now in the lime light unravelling her first book, titled, ‘Beauties of life’, in the same AV hall where she once had her worst nightmare. I felt through her actions she was silently telling us that ‘miracles’ they really do exist but its we who have to create them.

She was not my friend or sister not even my cquaintance but one of my clan, woman. She really was one good weapon in our arsenal, I thought.

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