Night Dreamer

The dark sky,smiling stars and the Moon has so much to say.


I was happy with my loneliness.. my solitude that I never wanted anyone to share..and I enjoyed it to the fullest in night traveling. Sitting at the window seat that I always preferred, the wind soothed me with his coolness, the dark beautiful sky filled with many wonders.. many emotions. I was just staring at its marvellous beauty. 

Headphones on, with my favourite track playing, I was dreaming like a Night Dreamer. A lot of memories good and bad filled me. 

Many times tears gushed out, nobody noticed. I smiled. I giggled alone. The one beside me for once looked at me with a weird face as if I’m Mad. I enjoyed that weirdness. I wanted to be mad. To be loomed in madness. It’s something different and I’m enjoying it.

I was wondering why night has been made as the time to sleep. It seems to be a great tragedy for those who have reserved night to sleep. The dark sky, smiling stars and Moon has so much to say.

And sometimes it pains me to believe that when I’m alone and smiling at the sky someone in other side is smiling back. I know it’s just a belief. Still I keep believing as the sky always shares beautiful tales. May I turn the star in someone’s sky.

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