Lost me!




One noon I woke up from my sleep in my single bedroom flat, unloading huge packages of tension, irritation & stress of a long journey. It turned out to be a tedious journey and the long nap I had taken couldnt drive away my tireness. Journeys are always like that for me. To get back to the normal rhythm of life after one is such an effort.

With sleep looming in my eyes I managed to get up from my bed with intention of sipping some hot black tea. This was a usual thing I did after sleep ,even if its a nap. I washed my face and went in to prepare and serve timely black tea for me. I entered the most small and conjested room in this flat “my kitchen”( or “my mess” would be more appropriate) where plates , cups & spoons fought with each other to find space to settle themselves in.

Having ignited the stove, I placed the utensil filled in with water ,dropped a spoon of tea powder and moved out of there with hope that the stove wouldnt betray me this time.

I directed myself to the small extension of my flat that projected outwards that gave me a bird’s eye view of the world. Ah..there stood I, wondering what to do next. A breeze passed by  and my thoughts shifted to my locality.

The streets weren’t the same now as it had been earlier. Its packed with houses and buildings filled with dullness and dust no matter how many times they were coated with paints. And people, I should say, never like to be stagnant and try to escape from such situations rather than trying to bring a change to it. To exemplify this attitude, the owner of my adjacent flat changes many times  within the span of a month.Lost in such hopeless thoughts of mine,  I stood there.

My visuals were given slight movement by the breeze that passed by. The calming breeze carried along with it an aroma. An aroma released by the tea leaves while getting  boiled in the water. I stood there caught up in a reverie till the real me craved to have a sip of blacktea. With full spirit I directed myself to the”kitchen”. The closer I got, the stronger the aroma struck my sense. So I fastened my footsteps curiously and reached my kitchen just to find that the black tea that  I had planned to drink had evaporated, giving out the aroma.


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