Until we meet again.

You, unusual one.



Ah…there once again the driver struck harsh on the break pedal waking me up from my nap. Unfamiliar was that route, I was making my first trip to that place . No one sat beside me ,leaving me with no option than to sleep. But I remember them staring at me. May be because I was new to them, as they were to me.

In the midst of my thoughts the bus once again started with a shivering. And as the bus moved I went back to doze my time off. Places , stops and people passed by while I was immersed in that nap. And then suddenly I rubbed off my eyelids to find a man sitting beside me.

Trust me , he wasn’t a usual one. Mysterious he may appear at first sight but further deep he seemed to be as transparent as water. Long locks of hair left carelessly flew with each breeze that passed by.Deep dark eyes of his kept on inviting me to look further into them.That gracious face of his glowed with his simple smile.Dull , decrepited clothes he wore but still he seemed to be fresh in his each cell. May be because I kept looking at him he tilted his head towards me with a smile. No he wasn’t a lunatic nor a beggar then what was he? A saint! No , he never demanded to be a saint. He began humming looking at my plain face.What was he humming , I wondered. His steady low voice was too feeble to capture but still it soothed me. Questions came up but fearful nervousness didn’t let me ask him.

It seemed he knew my inner queries but never answered them. He continued humming as the bus moved on. I tried looking up at him to make out what he really was. But failed.Tedious was it to understand him and made me fall asleep half way through my effort. I got fully drenched in sleep.But deep inside I was pondering on knowing him more and even more.

This time the break struck so hard that I woke up hitting my head . Ah! It hurt to the core. While trying to rub off the pain and get back to normalcy all I searched was for him. But he wasn’t there . People got down as it was the last stop.He mustn’t have gone too far, I thought so I rushed to find him. But it was in vain. He came and he went . He told nothing  neither did I. He seemed to be the very book of my interest that slipped off my hand unread. And to ponder and know about him, all I need is him and for that I shall wait until we meet again.

3 thoughts on “Until we meet again.”

  1. Enigmatic and yet captivating 🙂 “He seemed to be the very book of my interest that slipped off my hand unread” -I liked the metaphor you used here.


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