Breaking the mould

My dreams, will it ever see light again.



Dark it was. Dark enough to hault her visions of future.

My dreams will it ever see light again she wondered and got herself lost in agony.

A ray of light was all that she craved for.

Attempts and failures had become episodal for her.But, that ride of ills had a hault with her discovery.

Late but still she found that ray of light. She realised herself as that ray of light which would pierce its way through the heart of the dark goddess. The spirited her, was her ray of light.

She began to inscribe herself on that thick blockade that lay ahead of her and it crumbled down with each of her scratches.

She with her scratches on the heart of hindrance was, imprinting her own fortune.

And at the end, nothing prevailed, but the undefeated her.


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