The window panes slashes 

vigorously beside her cot.

She opened her eyes that whirls in hot

and looked through the window

what a heavy rain.

The black drops tear the sky

They fall like ancient promises

pierces the earth and vanishes.

She tried to collect her dream’s key

Alas she forgot it somewere.

Its darkness all over

the thunder roars over and over

lightening cracks

strom creaks.

Beside her lies the chains of her hope

strangled beneath her stomach

in complete dope.

Piercing the darkness she had a vision

of thousand sunshine

over her submission

The rain is over.

She loosened the strangled knot.

Leaving him behind

She rose and walked towards the door

opened to see an aura

that pains her eyes.

This is a new sunshine.

She extended her wings

And began to fly to the horizon.

This is a new sunshine.



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