Dry Lands

Drink love, if lost drink Wine


Wine wine wine

Wine gushing out of my brain

It rises from my sole

And even spreads over my soul.

Fade fade my reason to numbness

And my pale sense to nonsense.


Oh my lady love

My love didn’t reciprocate

As you complain

My penis inappropriate.

Your lustrous eyes seek another fit

While in despair I sit.


Oh my roses fade and fall

On your wild sweet lakes dried.

Alas when you turn and walkout

I saw your lakes reflects me no more.

Bitter love better than potion

Leaves a heart devoid of passion.


Thief filthy thief you

Go to hell I bless.

Eat the fruit of Eden

And drink from Lethe.

But give back my heart

I won’t be a shashi anymore.




And after a short break

Yet another story to start

The story of a blank canvas that got

Coloured and uncoloured with unrequited love




The story with that beautiful eyes

That one she might have been searching for years

And there began a beautiful love story

Her own story




She started painting her life

With the beautiful colors of love

She was so bestowed that

She was experiencing the sacredness of love




And finally when the beautiful story was reaching its end

He stood there

With all his passion

And love for life.

He was enticed with the adventures of life

Her colors of love failed to color him

Even a single drop couldn’t touch him

And thus came an end to the beautiful love story 

Colored and uncolored with unrequited love





Speak Out


I am no god

to find out your heart’s secrets.

I am no god

to find out your mystic thoughts.


Speak out

when your heart aches.

Speak out

when your soul cries.

Speak out

when Your nerves break.

Speak out

when your pintle tense.

Speak out 

when your ass stinks.

Speak out

when your phlem clots.


I am no god…No god.


But I am man

my ears are open

my heart is soft

my brain is clear

I listen.

Bottle of emptiness



Green was its color

But its emptiness remained colorless,

Bottle seemed to be closed

But its emptiness remained untrapped,

Elongated the bottle was

But emptiness fully occupied it,

Similar was that emptiness

To the one I experience.

Does that prove,

Emptiness fills in you and me?



It was simply a bottle,

with emptiness in it.





The window panes slashes 

vigorously beside her cot.

She opened her eyes that whirls in hot

and looked through the window

what a heavy rain.

The black drops tear the sky

They fall like ancient promises

pierces the earth and vanishes.

She tried to collect her dream’s key

Alas she forgot it somewere.

Its darkness all over

the thunder roars over and over

lightening cracks

strom creaks.

Beside her lies the chains of her hope

strangled beneath her stomach

in complete dope.

Piercing the darkness she had a vision

of thousand sunshine

over her submission

The rain is over.

She loosened the strangled knot.

Leaving him behind

She rose and walked towards the door

opened to see an aura

that pains her eyes.

This is a new sunshine.

She extended her wings

And began to fly to the horizon.

This is a new sunshine.


This day…that year..

Happy anniversary to me.



This day, that year..

In that wonderful evening

When the clouds were about to shower their love,

The wind gushed over me.


Each and everyone were running here and there,

I stood there

Stood there without any reason

Looking at him.


I found myself very happy in his presence,

His smile was so dangerous

That I couldn’t control it,

He had beautiful eyes

The kind you could get lost in.


And I guess

Not guess, I’m sure

I got lost in them

And for the first time

I realised that

I’m in love.


Each day I waited for his smile

A simple hello

Everything made my day

I always wished I could sit beside him

Share everything about me

Wished to hold his hand, one day

And walk along the streets.


Don’t know how everything happened

Don’t know when

But it simply happened;

Yet the best and worst part of it is

He didn’t love me back

He didn’t have that feeling for me

And I didn’t share my feeling.


Thus I find myself

Celebrating one year of an unrequited love story

Very happy that I’ve felt,


The most beautiful emotion in the world


The Day I Wished For

Sans concerns, Sans people, Sans chaos,… I slept

Such a wonderful day

The day I always wished to have

Me under this blanket

Tangled in between books

And my bestie ‘headphones’

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Under the same sky

Known yet unknown

Under the same sky

I know where you are

I know you

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थडकनों के एक लेहर थी
य्वाइशों कि एक एहसास थी


थडकनों के एक लेहर थी
य्वाइशों कि एक एहसास थी
जिन्दगी कि सबसे खुबसूरत पल थी
जब तुम थी… सबकुछ अलग थी
अब तुम नहीं है… Continue reading “खामोशियाँ”

Little Black Bird

Sometimes I wish I be a little black bird


Sometimes I wish I be a little black bird
To cry aloud, to fly high
To sit in the small branch of a tree
To drink the honey of flowers
To cry and cry until I get a mate
To be aware of nothing

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