A Marriage Portfolio


First Easter after Marriage

Hus: Honey… come let us cook the meat first.

Wife: Oh why not sweety.

Fifth Easter

Hus: Cook the meat first.

Wife: Okey..

Tenth Easter

Hus: Why can’t you cook the meat first?

Wife: All these bullshits. Are you blind? Can’t you see I have so much to do? Don’t order me about like that. I am not your servant. Goddamn! take me out of this hell!


Twentieth Easter



Brimming silence!!!

Peaceful easter!!!



Like Never Before


Marriage was a thought that was not so pleasant for her unlike how it was for  others. For her it was something to which a lot of fears were attached. Firstly there was the fear of leaving her people and  the home that she so loved. Then there was the fear of getting accepted in the new place, getting accepted by his family and by him whom she knew only for a few days. Will he accept her with all her insecurities was her greatest fear.

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