Lost princess


From here a story begins

The story of a dream

Dream of a beautiful love story..


She started her journey behind a prince

The One who came in her dreams

The One who she loved with no reasons

The One who made her believe 

in the dream of reality.

She followed him

Her prince.


When her story was nearing the end

She didn’t know

That her dream of reality was turning

to just another dream

That would end when she opens her eyes

She was lost

Lost in the midst of woods

Far away from her prince

Like a lost princess.


A Marriage Portfolio


First Easter after Marriage

Hus: Honey… come let us cook the meat first.

Wife: Oh why not sweety.

Fifth Easter

Hus: Cook the meat first.

Wife: Okey..

Tenth Easter

Hus: Why can’t you cook the meat first?

Wife: All these bullshits. Are you blind? Can’t you see I have so much to do? Don’t order me about like that. I am not your servant. Goddamn! take me out of this hell!


Twentieth Easter



Brimming silence!!!

Peaceful easter!!!


Night Dreamer

The dark sky,smiling stars and the Moon has so much to say.

I was happy with my loneliness.. my solitude that I never wanted anyone to share..and I enjoyed it to the fullest in night traveling. Sitting at the window seat that I always preferred, the wind soothed me with his coolness, the dark beautiful sky filled with many wonders.. many emotions. I was just staring at its marvellous beauty. 

Headphones on, with my favourite track playing, I was dreaming like a Night Dreamer. A lot of memories good and bad filled me.  Continue reading “Night Dreamer”

Dear Zindagi


After a long time, another movie that touched my body and soul. Felt like my feelings, emotions, problems and each things had a solution.

When Kaira was trying to make her own identity, I struggled for understanding myself. When she doesn’t want to cry in front of others, me too tried that.

When she got hurt with her unrequited love, I got lost in that. When she cried in her childhood for the wonderful memories she couldn’t treasure, I found myself in my childhood with all wonderful moments, but alone in the darkness of loneliness and finally in solitude.

Dr Khan became her support system. She found solutions for everything. I desperately want to have such a BD.

But I’m thankful to Kaira. She made me to say a wholehearted Hi to Zindagi.

Hello Zindagi.

Let’s begin our new life.


When I realised

The beaten down love
in the dark side of library
where it hides
curled and wounded up..

When I realised the prince I saw in my dreams ..was far away from me..far away from all my wishes..that were coveted..which I can’t even think about..

I cried alot..nobody noticed my tears…I cried for nights looking at your pic…I tried alot to find a solution.

Finally I found it…that dark place in library.. Where in between the books..the living souls..


One day I went there..stood in between them..cried..and told all the words I treasured for him..all the dreams I saw..the living souls..some standing stood..some lying..sleeping on others shoulder..understood me..the line in each books..the binds with which they were dressed…the smell it had..soothed my mind..I found the lost me there..

And finally coffee and books became my dear ones..each and every sip of a coffee..made me to treasure all dreams I wished for..each and every book made me to live another life…

Thus a good cup of coffee and..the darkside living souls in library completed me..like you do…

But still i miss you..#❣

Musings of a Lovestruck Soul

Believe in the power of dreams
Coz one day you’ll live a dream of reality.

I remember the first day

I ever looked into your eyes

And I found myself

Glittering in your eyes.


Damn it your eyes

They are so dangerous

None can help falling for it.


But don’t know how many

Have understood it’s innocence

The beautiful curve it has

The hidden naughtiness it has

The love it has.

Yours are the perfect one

The one, maybe I’ve dreamt about.


Yours mesmerises me every time;

I can’t control myself looking into it

That’s why I avoid looking at it

I can’t stop blushing

And I can’t stop loving you.


It’s said that believe in the power of dreams

Coz one day you’ll live a dream of reality

The dream of reality I found in your eyes

I wish I could live it with you.


Fire and water. Can they unite?

She was a real fire .

And he was charmingly flowing water.

Her fearless sparks ignited the passion of love in him.

Continue reading “Craving”