Dry Lands

Drink love, if lost drink Wine


Wine wine wine

Wine gushing out of my brain

It rises from my sole

And even spreads over my soul.

Fade fade my reason to numbness

And my pale sense to nonsense.


Oh my lady love

My love didn’t reciprocate

As you complain

My penis inappropriate.

Your lustrous eyes seek another fit

While in despair I sit.


Oh my roses fade and fall

On your wild sweet lakes dried.

Alas when you turn and walkout

I saw your lakes reflects me no more.

Bitter love better than potion

Leaves a heart devoid of passion.


Thief filthy thief you

Go to hell I bless.

Eat the fruit of Eden

And drink from Lethe.

But give back my heart

I won’t be a shashi anymore.


Technical Innovation in Theatre: The Legends of Khasak


Beyond words is the experience this drama could impart. We were not watching a drama but witnessing real life. The new theatrical endeavour of dramatist Deepan Shivaraman Khasakinte Itihasam is an independent adaptation of O V Vijayan’s novel of the same name. I am happy that I got an opportunity to experience it.


Fired up! The open air stage


This particular enterprise produced by Trikkarippur K M K Kalasamiti adopted a novel form of presentation and stage craft. They introduced an open-air theatre with galleries for the audience to be seated. I wonder it is modeled on a Greek theatre. The stage consists of main stage, sub stage, ground and its premises. The characters were coming out from various parts of the whole of the arena. It was not like playing a usual drama, people were just caught on their collars and dropped into the midst of the story. The brains behind the stage let the audience experience it rather than just watch it. It was an excavation onto the Legends of Khasak. The legends of Khasak came out of their graves and took us to their times. They lived, made love, fought, cried and died in front of us. The characters were alive they were not acting.


Play of colors


Most of the modern technologies were incorporated to make the experience wholesome. Artificial rain was used which was over whelming. Projecting some shots in screen parallel to the play is a new thought. Lighting by Jose Koshi was excellent with yellow and blue colors dominating the rest. At some instances, fire was the only source of light which created a different atmosphere. The mesmerising power of music added to the ambience. The neighing of horses, sound of its footsteps, background score with a Sufi touch, the narration of the story of Shake Thangal and his troop of thousand and one horses and three full songs made sure we were completely involved.


Mesmerising rain


It was an experience satisfying all our senses be it visual, auditory, taste or smell. The hot and spicy biriyani served to audience during Mymuna’s marriage was rich in smell and taste. The fire, water, and earth have strong presence throughout the play. The scenes of exorcism wouldn’t have been excellent without fire. Fire torches were used abundantly in the play. The artificial rain in this play was unexpected but awesome. The main stage was bare earth. The characters rolled over it and even slept over the mud. The props like snake, doll, masks, mats and tomatoes acted as symbols and image.


Bare Earth turned a stage


I wonder this is how the theatres in Kerala are expanding their scope. I like to look at this enterprise as a showcase of technical innovation. This is something worth calling a post-modern drama. This particular theatre enterprise would be a huge leap in the history of modern Malayalam theatre. Making use of all possible techniques at present to impart strong emotions made it an experience that gifted me a worthy three and a half hours in my life.


A Visual Treat!

A Marriage Portfolio


First Easter after Marriage

Hus: Honey… come let us cook the meat first.

Wife: Oh why not sweety.

Fifth Easter

Hus: Cook the meat first.

Wife: Okey..

Tenth Easter

Hus: Why can’t you cook the meat first?

Wife: All these bullshits. Are you blind? Can’t you see I have so much to do? Don’t order me about like that. I am not your servant. Goddamn! take me out of this hell!


Twentieth Easter



Brimming silence!!!

Peaceful easter!!!


Speak Out


I am no god

to find out your heart’s secrets.

I am no god

to find out your mystic thoughts.


Speak out

when your heart aches.

Speak out

when your soul cries.

Speak out

when Your nerves break.

Speak out

when your pintle tense.

Speak out 

when your ass stinks.

Speak out

when your phlem clots.


I am no god…No god.


But I am man

my ears are open

my heart is soft

my brain is clear

I listen.




The window panes slashes 

vigorously beside her cot.

She opened her eyes that whirls in hot

and looked through the window

what a heavy rain.

The black drops tear the sky

They fall like ancient promises

pierces the earth and vanishes.

She tried to collect her dream’s key

Alas she forgot it somewere.

Its darkness all over

the thunder roars over and over

lightening cracks

strom creaks.

Beside her lies the chains of her hope

strangled beneath her stomach

in complete dope.

Piercing the darkness she had a vision

of thousand sunshine

over her submission

The rain is over.

She loosened the strangled knot.

Leaving him behind

She rose and walked towards the door

opened to see an aura

that pains her eyes.

This is a new sunshine.

She extended her wings

And began to fly to the horizon.

This is a new sunshine.


Blogger recognition award & Handwriting Tag

Nominating u all.

Following the one who nominated us, we too are merging this two tags into one post:mrgreen:. Firstly, a big thanks to DorkyglassesBlog for nominating us for these two awesome awards. Do check out her blog, she has posted many interesting works in there.

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Little Black Bird

Sometimes I wish I be a little black bird


Sometimes I wish I be a little black bird
To cry aloud, to fly high
To sit in the small branch of a tree
To drink the honey of flowers
To cry and cry until I get a mate
To be aware of nothing

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Play neither to win nor to loose
Just play..

-Ashna Tom

When ‘I’ Decide

“Mom….dad…what next?”
“We dont know.”
“Ok. I will decide.”


“Study hard Varun. This tenth examination is going to decide your future”.

Varun is a good student but he is not a book worm. He is not allowed to get out of his study room when he returns from school. At weekends he couldn’t play cricket or football with his neighbours. “How could our son play with those filthy uneducated creatures”, his parents used to remark.

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At the end

That discovery was just killing me. The pain was going deeper and deeper.


At last I found my true love. That discovery was just killing me.

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