Short venture🎥

First short film


Oru janalaykapuram

Our first venture at filmmaking, this short film was shot 1 year back as part of a competition in our college.

Maybe due to the less number of entries, the competition didn’t get completed. But still it gifted us a memorable experience. Atleast we can boss around and say we’ve made a film 😅

Oru Janalaykapuram literally means beyond the window. On opening the window, what comes to our notice and to what thoughts they take us forms the plot and hence such a name. In it we’ve discussed the perils of the old age people who are abandoned in front of temples by their own sons and daughters. Footages of news reporting such incidents are on the high and some are included in the film too. The young and old lives are compared with the young and old leaves of a tree. When the old leaves fall, the young leaves smirk forgetting that once they too will fall.

Author: RollingStones 2k16

Four friends set out to tell the world ,..their stories 😃

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