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This blog doesnt belong to a single person. A group of literary hearted people work behind this platform who would like to create some meaningful works. Not bounded by a single language or genre, we have knitted our thoughts into stories using our individual styles.

imageWe being different individuals bring to you a mixture of works where some are high in romantic thoughts while others throw light on reality. We have tried to focus on the simple leisures of life than on serious themes as we would
like to create relief and sense of happiness in every reader of our blog.

 Rolling stones loose all its sharp ends and become smooth and perfect with time. We would like to compare ourselves to such four stones who have just started rolling and who aims to reach such a level of perfection. Your comments are necessary for us to know whether we are moving in the right direction or are straying from the path. So kindly give us your valuable comments and support .

Author: RollingStones 2k16

Four friends set out to tell the world ,..their stories 😃

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